Challenge: Ride or Dies

Challenge 38 Calls Are Going Out; Veterans Bring a Friend!

The Challenge 38: Take a Friend to Work Day

Production has started to send calls for Season 38, and it looks like they’re starting with the same people. Challenge spoiler account Gamer has confirmed potential cast members started receiving calls, but the veterans have received a special request.

Production has asked the veterans to recommend some friends. Casting directors aren’t even doing their jobs this time around.

But is this really a bad thing? People have noted that recent seasons like Double Agents and Spies, Lies and Allies have been flooded with random international contestants. If production is asking Nany, Josh, Kaycee, Aneesa, CT, and Devin who they’d like to see on the show, there’s a chance we’d actually know who these people are.

In fact, Fessy has gone on Instagram and said he’d recommend Scottie Salton from Big Brother 20 for the show, and honestly, that’s not a bad pick at all. Fessy has called him athletic, crafty, and versatile, and that seems like a fair take. Scottie has gotten a lot more athletic since BB20.

There’s also a chance we’ll just get a lot of the veterans’ friends on the show. These people just want to go out and party, and The Challenge is one big vacation for them. This would make for a very boring and predictable season where the core group runs the game.

This is a strong indication that we’ll see a lot of the same next season. Production isn’t going to do the one thing I’m really rooting for: reuse competitors who have only done one or two seasons. We’re just going to see more irrelevant new storylines and the same boring stories we’ve seen for the past four seasons.


  1. Everyone is overreacting. Production will still do their job of casting, they’re simply asking for suggestions. It doesn’t mean they’ll use those suggestions lol

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