Challenge: Total Madness

Dee Goes Viral for Ableist Comments

Dee displays habitual insensitivity.

Some people never learn. After being canceled by MTV and banned from The Challenge, Dee has gotten herself in hot water again.

Apparently, Dee made a TikTok where she implied that individuals in wheelchairs can’t dance, and laughed at a person who asked her to dance on a dating app.

It’s one thing to be unfamiliar with other people’s lifestyles, and you don’t need to date (or even communicate with) all people who reach out on app. But it’s an entirely different thing to mock a person and voluntarily post a video online. It serves no purpose beyond being hateful.

This isn’t a good look for Dee. We can try to give her the benefit of the doubt, but it’s starting to look like insensitive comments are becoming a habit. She had full control over this situation, and it was her choice to publicly joke about a person in a wheelchair.

Time to do better, Dee.

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