Challenge: Ride or Dies Johnny Bananas

Will Bananas Work With The Big Brother Alliance on Season 38?

Guess who suddenly loves Big Brother.

The Challenge 38 has just begun filming, and we don’t even know the full cast yet. But a few big names are creeping onto the list. Most notably, Bananas is back after two seasons away.

A lot has changed since he was on Total Madness, but one thing has not: Big Brother. Their alliance has risen to prominence and Kaycee even won last season. But if you’ve listened to the Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast, you’ll know Bananas has been teasing a return to disrupt the status quo.

So, will he be annihilating the Big Brother alliance?

Well, we’re in for a rude awakening. Bananas is likely to be working with the alliance. He’s close with Nany, who’s dating Kaycee. This will give him an in with the CBS group.

Plus, we know Bananas went to Leroy and Kam’s baby shower. Fessy was there, and the two went out clubbing after the party. Of course, it’s wasn’t just the two of them. So this could have been convenience-based rather than two friends gathering.

But Bananas has more Big Brother friends. On a recent episode of First Look, Bananas was in Miami. At the very beginning, in the B-roll, we see him taking shots with Josh. While it’s a quick clip, why else would the two be together? Clearly, they’re maintaining a friendship or preparing for an alliance on the upcoming season.

Sorry, Big Brother haters. There’s a good chance Mr. Bananas will be working with Fessy, Kaycee, and Josh. Likely, the season will be similar to Spies, Lies, and Allies in the sense that the vets will heavily target rookies first before they target vets. I highly doubt Bananas will try to stop this because it would benefit him. So they might not be his biggest alliances, but change the status quo? I don’t think so.

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