The Challenge Drops MTV from Its Instagram Handle

The Challenge + MTV are no longer Instagram official.

The Challenge is the longest-running show currently on MTV, except The Challenge doesn’t want MTV on it. The show has changed its Instagram handle to @TheChallenge. Just last week it was @challengemtv

Is this a surprise? Kind of. The show has had its original handle for years. Hundreds , maybe thousands, of links are broken online due to this change. But the show is moving in a different direction. Just like the show dropped the “Real World/Road Rules” on Fresh Meat 2, it was going to revise the branding to reflect its future direction.

Of course, The Challenge is expanding into new territories (literally) with the War of the Worlds tournament. We will see Paramount+ become a hub for The Challenge, and MTV will become less central to the branding. Even though the show is still made by “MTV Studios.”

Of course, nothing important happens on MTV anymore. Perhaps this is for the best. If we take The Challenge off MTV, it may be easier to access future seasons of the show.

Some fans will be upset by this change because it means the show is changing, but this isn’t exactly news. Nothing last forever, and this means The Challenge could have a longer life than MTV itself. How many shows have that type of achievement?

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