Challenge: All Stars 3

Wes & Yes: Is This a Real Rivalry?

Wes vs. Yes. Is it real?

So far, this season of All Stars has been a back and forth between Yes and Wes. The two haven’t seen eye to eye all season, and they play games in very different fashions.

Yes won All Stars without making alliances or picking sides. But if Wes is the game, the house will definitely get divided.

Yes confirmed that he slid into Wes’s DMs and the two texted before the show. It’s a bit of a signature move for Wes. He makes alliances pre-season and tries to run the game. But the conversation didn’t go too far, though the exchange was quite pleasant.

When the two got to the house, they were actively going against each other. Why?

If you’ve ever seen Wes play the game, you know politics is a huge component of his strategy. Yes, the champion of All Stars 1, managed to get a win without needing to rely on that component. So Wes’s is dealing with a fairly unfamiliar competitor, and he needed to force him to make moves.

So Wes wins the first challenge and gets the sabotage. He claims to love the power, and throws it on Yes because that’s a good competitor. Yes calls the move slimy, but let’s be fair, the sabotage is part of the game. Wes didn’t do anything sketchy. Then Yes wins the second challenge and claims he hates the power, and he sabotages Wes. It’s tit-for-tat, but it adds fuel to the fire.

To be honest, the rivalry died down until episode 5. Wes sacrifices himself into The Arena and calls out Yes. Wes wins, and puts the nails in the coffin.

Is The Rivalry Real?

I’ve heard people compare this “rivalry” to Josh and Wes on Total Madness. Except this time Wes was trying to start the feud and Yes wasn’t having it. But, Yes is a real competitor… and Josh is Josh.

I’d say this is a real rivalry, but it’s pure gameplay. There’s no heavy personal beef here. Nobody was going to attack the other’s character outside of the context of the game.

There was no way Yes would get to the end of this season without getting blood on his hands, so he was going to be forced into an uncomfortable position at one point or another. Meanwhile, Wes knew what was coming, and I think he’s smarter than we’re giving him credit for.

You know how Yes plays a game without allies and avoids politicking? This makes him an easy target. Getting him out of the game won’t leave angry friends behind. Now that Yes is gone, no one is going to target Wes for his move. While Wes was making moves to take out Yes, he was also planting seeds in the minds of others. They know Jordan is the “real deal,” and Wes got a lot of people to put Jordan on their hit lists while he could comfortably take out Yes.

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