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Sean and Rachel Campos-Duffy Acknowledge MTV and The Real World

Plus, Rachel touched on Homecoming seasons.

Thanks to the power of the internet, Challenge mega couple Sean and Rachel remembered they were once on MTV. The two followed a current trend shared their “Teenage Dirtbag” moment, claiming they met on The Real World.

Now, any Real World and Challenge fan would know this is technically wrong. The two were on Road Rules: All Stars. The 1998 show that is credited as the birth of The Challenge. But MTV doesn’t even know how to classify this show, so it’s not ridiculous that Rachel wouldn’t either.

They met during the first episode. Sean’s Real World season had just aired, and many of the cast members didn’t really know him. Meanwhile, Rachel was still in the process of recovering from a car accident roughly two years prior to filming. Their first-ever mission was to “prove the existence of ghosts,” and they met Ed and Lorraine Warren of The Conjuring fame.

The video also includes cast photos from previous seasons, but nothing too special.

A Twitter user also asked Rachel if a Homecoming season was in the works for the San Francisco or Boston seasons.

The anti-vaxxer claimed she didn’t know, but doubted she’d participate and expected Sean would give the same answer. Truthfully, I doubt either season is in the works. San Francisco seems like it should have been the third installment, but the season is heavily centered around Pedro who died shortly after the show finished airing. Plus, Puck has legal issues that would prevent him.

Boston is likely in a similar category as Miami, though it doesn’t seem too impossible to get the cast together. Syrus, Genesis, Montana, and Jason have all been active and displayed some type of interest in The Real World semi-recently.

So, I doubt either will be seen on TV any time soon. Until then, we’ll just have to wait for another rare moment when they acknowledge their time on the show.


  1. Pretty pathetic that the writer of this article needed to throw in that Rachel is an anti-Vaxxer. That information was totally unnecessary. It’s reasons like this that I have lost my faith in the media.

    1. It’s a linked source. Production won’t allow people to do shows without being vaccinated at this point. So, it’s evidence she won’t be participating in a Homecoming.

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