Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 18

The top moments from episode 18 of Ride or Dies

One team is out, three remain, and we’ve got days left in the final.

The Recoil

We continue where we left off last week. Aneesa & Jordan quickly get through the slingshot checkpoint and advance to third place because the rookies have been eliminated. Devin & Tori get to the next checkpoint and it requires teams to run through swamp water to get pieces so they can assemble puzzles. But, they need to run through the forest and climb a latter to memorize the key, which makes the process more difficult. Nany & Bananas see the first place team during this process, but Aneesa & Jordan are nowhere to be seen.

Swampy Decisions

Soon, Jordan & Aneesa arrive at the puzzle, and the other teams feel the pressure. Devin yells at Tori, and she gets frustrated, but Devin apologizes. Meanwhile, Jordan and Aneesa assess the damage on Aneesa’s hurt ankle. She thinks it’s bad, but Jordan doesn’t think it’s too severe. They start going through the swampy water, and Jordan’s mad that Aneesa is so slow. Meanwhile, a lightbulb goes off in Tori’s head. She realizes there’s a pattern in the puzzles, and she completes the puzzle with Devin. Nany & Bananas continue working, but they discover the pattern much later. Jordan was hoping this would be his opportunity to make up ground, but he and Aneesa are the final pair at the checkpoint. Aneesa discovers the pattern, but Jordan claims it doesn’t exist. She’s frustrated, and when he discovers the pattern they blaze through the checkpoint — still in third.

Bed Time

Tori & Devin get to the overnight portion and they’re greeted with a puzzle. TJ claims it could take hours to complete, but it seems like the duo only spend minutes on it. So, they’re free to go to their tents and get some sleep. Then, Bananas & Nany get there, but they struggle with the puzzle. Aneesa & Jordan catch up and complete this stage before Bananas & Nany. So, they make a deal and help Bananas & Nany finish the puzzle so everyone can get to bed.

Bad Time

After the work is done, a medic comes to wrap Aneesa’s ankle. She’s crying, and Jordan is showing no compassion. He thinks she can continue, but Aneesa has never had to deal with a partner like him. Jordan sees his game dissolving before his eyes. Tori gives Aneesa some support, and when Jordan wakes up the next morning, he feels ready to motivate Aneesa and help her persist.

Driving On

The second day begins, and TJ has three cars. The problem? They don’t have motors. So the Challengers have to push them after a run. The teams get a staggered start based on their position the prior day, so Devin & Tori go first, then Aneesa & Jordan, followed by Nany & Bananas. But, Nany & Bananas quickly pass the second team because Aneesa is walking. Then, Devin & Tori get to the cars and they pick the orange one because each car has slight differences. Despite this, the teams finish the checkpoint in the same order the arrive: Devin & Tori, Bananas & Nany, then Jordan & Aneesa.

A Midway Feast

After another run, the teams get to dinner. This season, the eating portion is: bread and spaghetti. But, a lot of it. Devin & Tori start digging in, then Bananas & Nany show up. The latter team inhales the food, and Devin & Tori watch their lead disappear. Meanwhile, Aneesa & Jordan just chew along, but Bananas & Nany finish first. Then, TJ surprises them with ice cream. Despite rejecting the desserts, they finish them and are the first place team at the end of the day. Devin & Tori finish their pasta last, but thanks to the dessert, they’re the second-place finishers of the day. Jordan & Aneesa go to bed in third place.

The cast goes to sleep, and when they wake up, they hear helicopters.

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