Challenge: Ride or Dies

Every Ride or Dies Rookie Ranked By Their Likelihood of Returning

Which rookies' Challenge careers will ride on? And whose careers will die?

Ride or Dies gave us 16 rookies, but if you’ve watched The Challenge for the past few seasons, you’ll know production can be pretty ruthless. Spies, Lies and Allies gave us 20 rookies, and only one, Michele, appeared on Ride or Dies.

Just like I did for Spies, Lies and Allies, I’m going to rank the Ride or Dies rookies based on their perceived likelihood of returning to The Challenge. Of course, this is mostly speculation, but after watching the show for over two decades, I’ve kind of gotten a sense of what production likes — and more importantly, what they hate. So, this is just my opinion, and only time will tell if I’m right.

Not Happening

16. Emmy Russ – If you quit the show, you’re unlikely to be a high priority for future seasons. Plus, she spoke poorly of the show and claimed she was upset with her experience, so I think The Challenge would sooner have a vacancy in the cast than invite Emmy back.

15. Tamara Alfaro – While Turbo caused a lot of drama, Tamara was much more reserved and was the more reasonable person in this partnership. While this won’t make her a high priority for a future season, she allegedly faked her COVID vaccination status to get cast. It’s unclear if production will continue to require cast members to get vaxxed, but lying to production is never a good idea if you’d like to return to the show.


14. Tommy Bracco – Props to Tommy for giving it his all, but he didn’t do a whole lot this season. Based on his performance, production is unlikely to see him being a longstanding presence on the show. Plus, he wasn’t invited to the reunion — never a good sign.

13. Kim Tränka – Despite some solid efforts on the show, Kim kind of faded into the background compared to his partner. He’s a nice guy, and in a different era he’d probably get invited onto a second season, but he’s non-essential at this point in the franchise.

12. Analyse Talavera – Though she had one moment of shady gameplay this season, Analyse wasn’t central to the overall plot. She was an okay competitor, but people are more likely to remember that she’s short than good at challenges.

Could Go Either Way

11. Kenny Clark – You’re probably wondering why there’s even a chance Kenny could come back, and that’s because, for some reason, production loves Kaycee and her storyline. If they sent him to the reunion, what else will they do?

10. Chauncey Palmer – At the beginning of the season, spotting Chauncey was difficult, but he became more prominent as Amber became involved in drama. While he’s an undoubtedly strong player, he committed the cardinal sin of quitting a challenge. Plus, Amber’s pregnant now, so both of them will be new parents when the next season is filming.

Decent Shot

9. Ravyn Rochelle – Though Ravyn and Johnny were only on the show for three episodes, they made a big impression. They got mixed in some drama, but it seems like Ravyn’s story mostly revolved around Johnny and Nurys. Without those two, she doesn’t have a clear position on the show.

8. Jakk Maddox – This season, Jakk was a pretty good competitor and was involved in some drama unrelated to his partner. He certainly could be interesting on his own, but it’s hard to separate his story from Laurel’s.

7. Colleen Schneider – While Kim was a good competitor, Colleen was just a good time. She could be seen lying about her prior reality TV experiences, hooking up with Faysal, and pulling the safety dagger. I think production would be interested in having her back, but she might be busy — she’s on the German Bachelor.

Likely to Return

6. Johnny Middlebrooks – Similar to Ravyn, Johnny made a big impression with his three episodes this season, and there’s a reason this duo was invited to the reunion. While Ravyn may be the more strategic of the two, Johnny has high hook up potential and is a bigger physical threat.

5. Sam Bird – Despite only being on one episode, it’s clear that production loves Kailah. So, they’d probably extend an invitation to Sam so Kailah would agree to participate. Plus, he’s pretty charismatic and married couples bring an interesting dynamic to the show.

4. Moriah Jadea – It’s no secret that Moriah is in great shape and very easy on the eyes, but the best way to get invited back to The Challenge: Get involved with two mainstays on the show. She has beef with Faysal and was in a relationship with Bananas. As long as they’re on the show, she’ll have a place in future storylines.

Very Likely to Return

3. Nurys Mateo – Similar to Moriah, Nurys got herself involved with two mainstays: Nelson and Jordan. She also found herself in the middle of the Jordan and Tori drama and has a storyline with Johnny and Ravyn. All of this is impressive, but she did the impossible when she helped Nelson win a challenge. Nurys is a dark horse in the game, plus she’ll cause a stir in the competition.

2. Olivia Kaiser – One half of the rookie-of-the-year team, Olivia displayed her heart and abilities on Ride or Dies. She persevered through each struggle, but we all know a golf ball ended her run in the final prematurely. Obviously, she should return, but I could see production wanting her to take a season off to heal from her injuries properly.

1. Horacio Gutiérrez – If any rookie has the spirit of a Challenge champion, it Horacio. He performed well all season, earned the respect of the veterans, and tied the single-season record for elimination wins. Who knows how far he would have made it in the final if Olivia didn’t get hit by that golf ball, but everyone seems to want to see him get another run (production included).

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