Rivals 2 Episode 7: Top 5 Moments

It’s unclear what was more shocking this episode: the challenge or The Jungle. 1. Drill Sargent Diem While lounging around outside, Diem notices Aneesa in the pool and wants her to do some laps to train for the final. Aneesa refuses, and the two ladies start to express frustrations with their partner. Diem feels that Aneesa lacks motivation and is concerned that she will not … Continue reading Rivals 2 Episode 7: Top 5 Moments

Rivals 2 Episode 6: Top 5 Moments

Would a powershift allowing the rookies to take control shake up the house? It absolutely would! Unfortunately, we did not see that on episode 6 of Rivals 2. Here are 5 moments we did see! 5. Relying on Rookies After being handed a victory in last week’s challenge, Theresa received the power to select the order in this week’s challenge. She decided to put all … Continue reading Rivals 2 Episode 6: Top 5 Moments

Rivals 2: Top Moments from Episode 2

Episode 2 introduced us to the first female elimination of the season, a new partner for Cooke, and one of the sexiest challenge ever. Let’s check out the top moments from the episode! 1. Rookie vs. Veteran After hooking up with Anastasia, the whole house in interested in CT’s relationship with her as well as his relationship with Diem. CT denies hooking up with Anastasia, … Continue reading Rivals 2: Top Moments from Episode 2

Rivals that Should Have Shown Up

Rivals 2 keeps getting closer and closer, and it seems like hype for the seasons has been increasing over the past week. While there’s a lot of excitement for people like CT and Johnny to return to The Challenge there’s also some people who are displeased with some of the lackluster rivalries on the cast. Let’s check out some of the real rivalries that should … Continue reading Rivals that Should Have Shown Up


Here was go! Cast members are now allowed to buzz about Rivals 2 and the official site it up. So, I think it’s time to give you all the information you need to know about these 32 challengers. Let’s check out their previous challenge record, and how they became rivals to begin with! Aneesa & Diem How the Rivalry Began: On The Duel when Aneesa … Continue reading Rivals 2 Cast: COMPREHENSIVE BREAK DOWN

Challenge 24: Cast List

I JUST WANT TO MAKE THIS CLEAR… this is most likely the cast of the upcoming challenge. Until MTV makes an official announcement, there is a possibility that the cast will change. I’d also like to give credit to the sites that helped me compile this information Remember, these are technically spoilers. So please stop reading if you don’t want to know! The challenge will … Continue reading Challenge 24: Cast List