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20 Rookies People Actually Want to See… Again

About a year and a half ago, I created a list of rookies who seems to have a a big enough fan base that requests to see them. With each passing season, this fan base is disappointed. Based on the requests of readers, I’m going to make a follow up to that list.

The people who appear on this list are rookies because they’ve only done one or zero seasons in the past. I’m only focusing on people who have done MTV US shows, so no one from Ex on the Beach UK or Geordie Shore will be here. If you’re looking for Big Brother cast members, I’ve got a list for you here.

1. Alexis (Are You the One? 6)– Southern sweetheart or southern psycho. It depends on who you ask, but she’ll definitely make a splash on The Challenge.

2. Keith (AYTO6)– Not quite as crazy as his fling Alexis, but far stronger. If he didn’t scare the competition psychologically, he’s be a physical threat.

3. Jada (AYTO6)– She’s outspoken, knows how to get what she wants, but isn’t a complete shitshow.

4. Anna (Real World: Bad Blood)– Both of the Stack sisters made a splash on Real World Bad Blood, but Anna is best remembered for her arguments with Jenn. Also, she keeps fighting with people on Twitter, so we can’t forget how argumentative she is.

5. Tya (Real World: Bad Blood)– Even though she’s likely suck on The Challenge, her fake accent and pregnancy scare made her the most memorable cast member on her season of The Real World.

6. Theo (Real World: Bad Blood)– Despite quitting on Invasion, Theo seems to have garnered enough support to warrant his return so he can try to reach his full potential.

7. Hayden (AYTO5)– Being ruthless enough to steal his partner’s money on AYTO: Second Chances, Hayden stood out for being 90% likable, 10% irrational. 
8. CeeJai (Real World: Go Big or Go Home)– We know CeeJai can pack a punch, and she’s quite smart. These two traits alone give her massive Challenge potential.

9. Dione (Real World: GBGH)– The self-proclaimed Jungle Boy is the life of the party and bring passion social and sexual potential to the game.

10. Giovanni (AYTO4)– Being a huge, explosive mess, he stood out on both Are You the One? and Second Chances. Perhaps this is his opportunity to turn things around. If not, he’ll be just as entertaining as before.

11. Madison (Real Word: Skeletons)– I don’t understand why they won’t cast her. She’s so intertwined in all the Challenge drama and people have a lot of love for her because she dealt with Tony’s antics.

12. Rashida Beach (AYTO3)– After winning Second Chances, it’s clear she has some potential to perform on The Challenge.

13. Jenny (Real Word: Ex-Plosion)– Another repeat from my prior list, people still remember Jenny’s humor and since her appearance she has been hitting the gym.

14. Adam K. (AYTO1)– After an encouraging start on Battle of the Exes 2, it’s a surprise we haven’t seen him do a real Challenge since.

15. Shanley (AYTO1)– Returning for AYTO: Second Chances, it’s clear Shanley has the attitude and determination to survive in a Challenge house.

16. Marlon (Real World Portland)– Marlon’s ready to return and in great shape. It’s just a matter of whether or not production will have him.

17. Cooke (Real World: Las Vegas)– We’re still waiting, and praying, the Cooke will make her long awaited return after Rivals 2.

18. Greg (Real World Hollywood)– The Chosen One has spoken, and he wants to come back. MTV ought to give this king of controversy the chance to squash the peasants.

19. Trisha (Real World Sydney)– Over a decade after her season aired, there continue to be rumors of MTV begging her to return. To be honest, I’d love it.

20. Kendal (Road Rules Campus Crawl)– With an influx of Road Rules and Champions returning, Kendal has broken her silence to say that she wants back… and I’m so ready to have her back.


  1. Kiki and Asaf would be good ayto choices. Still a shame that Ayiiia had chances but dropped a lot. Production messed up with not casting Ashley (DC) and Brian.

  2. Greg from hollywood has just one G at the end of his name. S32 of Real World Is Real World Seattle Bad Blood not just Bad Blood

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