Real World Homecoming

The Real World: Homecoming Might Be Over

The Real World: Homecoming 4 is... not happening?

Sigh… Good things never seem to last.

The next season of Homecoming has been up in the air, and we’ve toyed with a few ideas (Austin, Key West, and Miami for example). It’s no secret that other cast members have heard from production, but how much have they heard? Not as much as we’d like.

Recently, Real World: Hawaii alumnae Amaya delivered some bad news to us.

Apparently, they’ve had a hard time getting people to subscribe and tune in. Which is a shame, because all three seasons are really good. And it’s not just my opinion. Homecoming: New Orleans is likely to be nominated for an Emmy, a first for any Real World season.

Despite this, Amaya has no reason to lie. She’s spoken about her involvement (or lack thereof) on spin-off shows, and she’s always been honest. So if she says the show is up in the air, it probably is.

But, this doesn’t mean anything is official. It just means production is uncertain about the future. Hopefully they can figure out a way to make it work. Even though Austin and Key West aren’t my first choices, they have a lot of buzz behind them and they’d probably get a decent amount of attention.

But if things do end right now, at least we got those three great seasons.

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  1. I’d be very disappointed if The Real World: Homecoming ends. I have really enjoyed the shows so far. I subscribed to Paramount+ strictly for Homecoming and The Challenge All Stars. I do have to say Paramount+ is one of the worst streaming platforms that I use. Hulu and Netflix work much better.

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