Challenge: All Stars

Mark Long Calls for Old School Only Challenge

Thanks to COVID-19, things have been slow. Shows have been postponed because filming isn’t safe right now and international travel is restricted.

Mark Long has proposed an MTV spinoff filmed in the USA featuring only Old School cast members instead of athletes or “celebrities.”

He has also created Twitter and Instagram accounts @WeWantOGs.

Now, the concept is more than just an idea. Mark is trying to find interest from old school cast members and singling out some veterans.

Some veterans have given Mark an informal stamp of approval. Such examples are: Eric Nies, Emily Schromm, Susie, and Veronica.

In a few weeks, MTV will be without a lot of new content to air. Not that they’ve ever viewed that as an issue, because they have a back catalogue of Ridiculousness to rerun.

This could be a fun idea, especially because we’re preparing for a long off season from The Challenge. But MTV need to get behind it, and that would need filming conditions to be safe enough.

UPDATE: Mark has confirmed interest with Kendal, Darrell, Jamie Murray, and Landon!

UPDATE 2: Mark has spoken with US Weekly about the proposed Challenge. Other cast members, such as Arissa, Teck, Nehemiah, Dan Setzler, and Evelyn have expressed interest. Mark is also promoting the hashtag #WEWANTOGS


UPDATE #3: More names from Mark: Beth, Paula, Ace, MJ, Katie, and Trishelle. Also, Syrus and Ruthie previously agreed.

UPDATE #4: Coral has expressed interest if the timing is right! Cameran from RW: San Diego is also interested. Mark also let us know he’s collecting names, but not everyone is going to appear. It’s ultimately up to production and availability.

UPDATE #5: Cohutta, Abe, Timmy, and Tina have all shown interest.

UPDATE #6: Brad and Jamie Chung have shown interest. She’s a big name if she can get the time!

UPDATE #7: Names still trickle in, but less frequently. Dan Renzi, Jon Brennan, Norman, Melinda, and Irulan have all  shown interest.

UPDATE #8: Yes Duffy is on board!

UPDATE #9 Huge news! Mark is officially working with Bunim/Murray to develop the project. Keep the interest alive, we might actually have something coming.


  1. I would 100% watch. It’s exactly what I’ve been waiting years to see. I’m sure there are a lot of other people who feel the same. All Old School Challengers would be the best. Fingers crossed this happens.

    1. I love this idea! Make it happen! The Challenge is always a must watch for me! I would also love to see reruns of the older challenges!

      1. I’m all for it!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ The real originals!!!

    2. I would love to see this I really want my favorites to do another challenge if possible here my list of vets kenny,Abram,ct,Johnny,wes and jorden
      Vs Nelson,cory,Devon,Shane,leroy and Adam
      As for the girls It would be Evelyn,Rachel,Sarah,tori d,nicole and laurel vs
      anissa,britney, Ashley ,Cara ,Devyn and Veronica

    3. And old school challenge would be great but id also like to see Coral Eldin and Sarah too.

  2. I agree though can they do a Social Distancing Challenge? I hope it happens, I miss some of these guys/gals.

  3. Itโ€™s about f…ing time!!!! Iโ€™ve watched since day one and would love to see these guys back on tv doing a challenge.

  4. I personally would love to see this. I have not missed any challenges and am looking forward to seeing more.

  5. I would love to see some old school challenges maybe some real world vs road rules would be nice to see too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. If they went through Covid testing and 14 day quarantine (including film crew) before the start and then isolated them, they wouldnt need to worry so much about social distancing, right? Love the idea of old school RR vs RW!

  7. Man that would be great i would definitely watch it. It would be great to see if some of the old school cast still have that fire that hunger to win

  8. I have been hoping praying for this forever I have watched the show since the very beginning and there are some competitors that were awesome and much more entertaining than some of the ones they have today

  9. ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž Please please make this happen! I’ve watched the challenge, road rules and real world from the start and they were always my favorite tv show to watch. The last couple years with new cast members and fewer veterans, the show is just less interesting. I think we all need a good dose of Coral, Derek, the Italian stallion(kenny), Darrell, Paula, Mark, Abram,Katie,Sarah,Rachel,Theo amd the list goes on and on.

  10. Make it happen Mark Long I have watched the challenge from the beginning I am 40 but stopped watching about 3 years ago I was tired of watching the same people win all the time like banana and Wes and Laurel I miss Darrell #ogsbaby

  11. I would love to see this, especially if Darrell came back!!!!! I still would like to see CT in there as well. Iโ€™ve been watching the Challenge for years….the first challenges were some of the best to watch.

  12. I would totally watch. I was just thinking they needed to bring back some of the OG’s!! Come on MTV make this happen!!

  13. If production did a actual challenge in the U.S. and ease up on what the cast can do. Have some social media excess and more time talking with love ones, more old school challengers would probably do it. A lot of old school people have spouses and kids and would want to be in constant contact with them. Also easing up on daily challenges. They need to do way more promoting for the show and finally have the show air way more repeats a week because it gets super boring watching the same ridiculousness and other shows MTV shows that donโ€™t interest a lot of people. Ratings would probably go back up like the good old days.

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