Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Why Was Ashley Kicked Off Spies, Lies and Allies?

This is all it takes for a Challenge legend to get deactivated.

The Challenge is a show filled with intense fights and angry discussions. Since the beginning of the show, we’ve seen people say some really dumb things that cause waves in the house. Spies, Lies and Allies is no different, but production seems to want to erase these conversations from Challenge history.

Apparently, Ashley was removed for calling Josh gay during a fight. According to Gamer, it wasn’t even a slur, it was just “gay.”

Then, some of the men in the house complained about this. They asked production to remove Ashley, so they did.

Many fans have noted that this decision is very contradictory to prior Challenge seasons. On Final Reckoning, Kayleigh confessed to outing Natalie. Kayleigh got to stay in the game and return on War of the Worlds 2.

Now, fans will want to know what happened to Ashley and they will see the alleged conversation. Production could have just edited the fight out and allowed Ashley to stay in the game. By removing Ashley, they’re creating curiosity and losing one of the biggest players in the game.

Ashley has also gone on Twitter to vaguely discuss the incident. Essentially, she has confirmed that she acted out of anger. These rumors should not serve as a reflection of Josh’s sexuality. Ashley was just going for a low blow.

This is the first time we had someone removed for unaired comments. Lauren Coogan was taken out of the game for allegedly making racial comments about Aneesa.


  1. The main series deserves to be cancelled after the shitshow it became. Horrible casting choices, inconsistent production decisions, fake political correctness, crigney themes and terms…

  2. Let me see. She outed him and got kicked out. But she being kicked out is the reason we now know he’s gay. The irony

  3. Please watch Josh’s BB season, he talks about his sexuality. What’s the big deal, it not like she took a toothbrush to him!! Unreal. This show was all about great challenges, fun and some drama. It seems it’s now the same games in different (easier?) clothes. Puzzles and over hyper sensitive fit people. Thank God the All Stars is here to make up for my show that’s really disappointed me, a fan from day 1. Maybe I’m too old but the reason I keep watching is to see CT perform, what a guy. Once he hits the “All Star” show it will be time to hang up the original Challenge. Name it something else like BB v/s AYTO v/s people from other shows. Drive them all out. Sad.
    Thank you Mark Long for getting us our OG’s and for the love of God “we want our MTV.”

  4. Omg seriously Josh himself talked about his sexuality n said himself he was gay ??? And Ashley is sent home for repeating what he said He’s gay who cares MTV 2 sensitive only watch cuz luv CT. If it wasn’t 4 CT they would lose 1/2 viewers Devion n Josh want Ash off cuz would beat “men” they r crybabies 🤬🤬🤬

    1. Agree 100%!!! CT is the only reason for watching. Devin and Josh aren’t even athletic, that’s why they had to cry in order to get Ashley off because even she could beat them in the hall brawl!

  5. Lmao Josh gay???? Lmao the only person she outed that too was Josh lmao! Everyone knows he LOVES him some “meatballs” in his mouth! First time I ever heard that dude even open his mouth instantly… yep he plays for the same team! Lol why get mad?? That’s like calling a straight person straight! Facts are facts lol!

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