Rivals With Better Rivals

Since the first Rivals season, fans have been speculating of a co-ed rivals season. While many fans may be excited to see that theme become a reality, other are disappointed with the pairs who were selected. Here are some of the Rivals 3 contestants who have stronger rivalries with other opposite-sex cast members. 1. Kellyanne and Dunbar Perhaps a team better suited for exes, even … Continue reading Rivals With Better Rivals

Injuries That Killed Challengers Chances at Victory

This week marked an injuryfest on The Challenge, when we saw two teams get sent home due to injured teammates. While this is a bummer for Leroy & Candice and Tony & Shane, it’s not the first time ailments have sent competitors packing. Let’s check out the injuries that cast teams the game: Coral (The Gauntlet) In the early days of The Challenge, people generally … Continue reading Injuries That Killed Challengers Chances at Victory

10 Challengers Who Shit the Bed in the Final

For some Challengers, the final is their moment to shine. For others, the final is the biggest nightmare. This post pays tribute to those who couldn’t get their act together in the final and ultimately lost it all. 10. The Veterans (The Gauntlet 2) The veterans literally put all of their chips in on pot on the Gauntlet 2 final, and lost it all. This … Continue reading 10 Challengers Who Shit the Bed in the Final

Challenge 25: Pure Speculation

Alright guys. It looks like the filming of the next challenge isn’t too far away. And with all of the tidbits of information floating around, I think I can start speculating some of the cast. This is NOT a spoiler post. The people mentioned here have indicated that they’ve been contacted about the challenge or taken some steps to prepare for a challenge. I did … Continue reading Challenge 25: Pure Speculation

Most Surprising Couples

We’ve seen plenty of relationships form on The Real World, Road Rules, and The Challenge. Some of them ended after a night, while others have ended in marriage. Sometimes these relationships seem like a perfect match, while other times they are a shock to everyone. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and check out some of the most surprising relationships. Puck & Rachel (Real … Continue reading Most Surprising Couples