Challenge: Vendettas

Eddie Williams: Where’d He Go?

If you watched the first or second episodes of The Challenge Vendettas, you may (or may not) have noticed that Eddie Williams from Are You the One? Season 5 was basically edited out.

So, here is what happened, allegedly.

On episode 1, he was edited out. He had no confessionals, no commentary, and his presence was not acknowledged. Prior to the second challenge he was asked to leave. Apparently this is due to the nature of his relationship with Alicia after Are You the One?

He and Alicia dated for a short period of time after Are You the One? According to Vevmo, Alicia told production that Eddie was physically abusive during the relationship. After this, Eddie  was asked to leave.

I am assuming this was done with the best of intent from production. In more recent years, production has doubled down on addressing abusive relationships and I’m sure they did not want to create and environment where anyone felt they were in danger.

So, don’t expect to see anything from Eddie in the future.

UPDATE: Cory has addressed the issue on Twitter, seemingly confirming the above information.

And Alicia commented:


  1. Valid reason if true. I just wish there was consistency with how they go about issues. And treat veterans and rookies as equals when they do stuff that’s sexist, racist, abusive, harassment, etc. And how about you actually fucking address them at hand, on the spot, no editing or sugar coating.

    1. It’s a very sensitive issue. I wonder if production didn’t want to bring light to the issue because it was based on a claim alone. Not trying to call Alicia a liar at all, but this type of situation can be damaging to someone’s reputation.

      I think the most important issue is the matter of safety, which was addressed for the people in the house. Yes, they can use this issue to discuss a topic, but production did the minimum of at least ensuring the welfare of the people in the house.

      To be honest, I feel kind of bad posting this. Any claim against Eddie is an allegation and should not necessarily be considered true. On the flip side, Alicia may not have wanted the discuss the issue. It is a personal matter, and once her safety is addressed she shouldn’t be forced to discuss it anymore. However, the fact that Eddie is just gone is going to raise questions.

  2. So Vince can be a sexist, abusive idiot towards Camilla and Johnny can do the same and there is no problems there. There needs to be double standards like Nia can assault Johnny with a hair dryer and averey and they let her stay and on are you the one Amanda assaults, stalks, and is abusive towards mike and no one helped him but when he tries to go to bed and tries to defend himself they put a psa on him, the house is against him, and they kick him out of the house.

    1. You couldn’t be more wrong here. Not sayings its right but Camila unfortauntely never breached contract. Verbal assault very different from physical assualt in the eyes of mtv. And putting Bananas and Camila in the same sentence is uncalled for. Hate bananas all you want for whatever reasons but he has done nothing close to as bad as what camila has been doing. Stop being bias when it comes to serious talks. Otherwise, you aren’t mature enough to have this kind of discussion

  3. I didn’t bring up Camilla situation towards Leroy. i bringing up that people are getting away with things that they shouldn’t be. I apologize if what I said is offensive.

    1. I brought up Camilla because the way Vince and johnny treated her by instigating drama and pushing her buttons and productions doesn’t seem to care. The more recent Camilla situations is on a whole different problem.

      1. I am a big fan of the show, but Bananas has a lot to regret–particularly on the Ruins. The misogyny and bullying from all of those guys is relentlessly cringeworthy and disgusting.

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