Challenge 25: Pure Speculation

Alright guys. It looks like the filming of the next challenge isn’t too far away. And with all of the tidbits of information floating around, I think I can start speculating some of the cast. This is NOT a spoiler post. The people mentioned here have indicated that they’ve been contacted about the challenge or taken some steps to prepare for a challenge. I did … Continue reading Challenge 25: Pure Speculation

New Rivals and Exes from Battle of the Seasons

This season we saw a whole lot of new people on the challenge. Thank means there was tons of potential to create new rivalries and exes. Rival and Battle of the Exes were popular challenge seasons, and I wouldn’t be shocked to sequels to these seasons. Let’s check out some potential pairing that stem from Battle of the Seasons. Exes Of course we have Danny … Continue reading New Rivals and Exes from Battle of the Seasons

5 Moments in Episode 8

When I saw the preview for this week’s episode I thought I was watching Fear Factor. Any show that has an eating challenge immediately reminds me of that show. Luckily, Battle of the Seasons is much better than Fear Factor. 5. The Real World/ Road Rules Charity Jonna confessed that when she broke up with her boyfriend he ruined all of her possessions, made her … Continue reading 5 Moments in Episode 8

Episode 7: 5 Moments that Mattered

It’s the week that some people were waiting for, but most people were dreading. The San Diego freak out! Let’s look back at the 5 moments from Wednesday’s episode that were the most memorable. 5. Sam I Am Not Competing During this week’s challenge we saw Team San Diego’s weak link: Sam. While the team was carrying logs up the hill, Sam put down her … Continue reading Episode 7: 5 Moments that Mattered