Episode 11: 5 Moments Before the Final

This week’s episode featured the last challenge and Arena before the final. The cast is now in Namibia and have left Turkey. Let’s check out the best moments from this episode: 5. Sink, Swim, or Fly This week’s challenge featured a huge slide that cast members got launched off of…very similar to Fresh Meat 2’s Airheads. Once launched off of the slide, the cast member … Continue reading Episode 11: 5 Moments Before the Final

Will Frank and Ashley Get a Free Ride?

On this challenge, there are 12 Arenas. 4 people go into each Arena meaning that there are a total of 48 possibilities to appear in The Arena. This leave plenty of room for all 32 cast members to appear at least one time, but after eleven Arenas two people have managed to avoid it all together: Frank and Ashley. The funny thing is that Zach … Continue reading Will Frank and Ashley Get a Free Ride?

Robb or Derek: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Don’t you hate when two cast members almost fight, but then someone break it up? Not that I encourage fighting, but when someone raises a fist I want to see the fight go down! This week we had another almost-fight moment: Derek vs. Robb Since we didn’t see a fight, we are left to wonder who would have won. On one side we have Robb … Continue reading Robb or Derek: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Episode 10: Best Moments

This week, the remaining cast had to fight on the field, and chose to fight off the field. Let’s check out the 5 best moments of the week. 5. Pushed Down This week’s challenge, Force Field, was very similar to Riot Act from Cutthroat. Teams had to push each other off a platform, and the last team standing received the most point.There was first a … Continue reading Episode 10: Best Moments

Is Trishelle Worth Going Home Over?

Things are no longer rainbows and butterflies for Team Vegas. With Alton and Nany gone, Dustin and Trishelle are left to work together. Despite the fact that Dustin has won an elimination round and survived nine challenges without going home, he is willing to throw all of that away because he doesn’t like Trishelle. How can Trishelle be that bad? I understand that she had … Continue reading Is Trishelle Worth Going Home Over?